Sandwich panel screws, drill capacity 12,0mm

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Specialized sandwich panel screws must have a thread under the head that is larger in diameter than the main one (6.3 mm vs. 5.5 on the main one). This is because after drilling the sheet metal of the panel, we start drilling the metal of the under construction. Here movement forward of the screws stops and the thread makes bigger hole into the sandwich panel surface.  We have no longer water tight fixation!

The wider 6.3 mm thread under the head ensures a good compression of the EPDM on the washer and the hole becomes watertight. On a wall, a screw without a wider  thread under the head is a prerequisite for the penetration of up to 4 l of water through one hole, during a summer storm for example.

Screws for mounting sandwich panels to a metal structure can be with a long or short drill tip, respectively self-drilling up to 12.0mm or up to 6.0mm. Those with a long drill have a fine thread, and those with a short drill - coarse thread. This provides easier cutting into the metal and greater forces to pull the screw out of the substructure.

BAUFIX sandwich panel screws are not only zinc-coated, but also have an additional anti-corrosion coating, which guarantees them both a 10-times longer life and easy drilling, because the thicker coating serves as a lubricant.

The screws are 5/16 or 8mm hexagonal drive. A 5/16 tip is recommended because it prevents wobbling. No-wobbling is also ensured by the higher profile of the head. Thus, the screw is retained in the drive bit better and facilitates installation in hard-to-reach places.


National Building Research Institute


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Sandwich panel screws, drill capacity 12,0mm

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