4,8х20 mm stitching screw, sharp point, with washer

  • 500 бр
80.94 BGN

The sharp screw creates a conical "crater" in the sheet metal. This cone of the material provides grip on more threads and thus increases the bearing capacity of the joint. The fact also helps to improve this effect that the screw is double-threaded. It is especially visible with thin sheet metal below 0.5 mm. Also the big advantage of the double-thread is lightning-fast winding. Increased speed is of great importance when stitching roofing sheets, where numbers are high and seconds saved are important!

All BAUFIX screws are characterized by a proven penetration ability, which reduces the screw losses to practically zero. This, along with the time saved, ultimately brings the price down almost to that of lower quality screws.

The screws are tested and their characteristics are fully documented. Based on these tests, we issue a Declaration of Performance.

The screws are also highly appreciated by our customers abroad.


National Building Research Institute


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