Fall protection systems


Systems for fall protection are obligatory for every roof.  Applied standard is EN DIN 795.  

By its trigger time there are two types of fall safety systems: fall arrest system and fall restrain system. It could happen that the one and the same safety line could work both ways. E.g. in the part where the safety line is parallel to the edge of the roof the personal safety rope is regulated at the exact distance from the line to the edge and the worker can not come too cloase to the edge so that he can not fall. At the angle of the roof the distance between the angle safety pole of the line and the angle of the roof itself is longer than the perpendicular between the angle pole and the edge of the roof. When the worker finishes its job with the angle and goes back there is a chance to fall over the edge. In this case the falling distance should be envisioned  during the design process so that it does not exeed 2m. 

Baufix Bulgaria OOD is the only Bulgarian authorised dealer of the market leading producer for safety systems ABS safety GmbH.  Thanks to the intensive training and our close connections to the German colleagues, we were chosen from investors such as Kaufland,Lidl, Lufthansa, Socotab, Decathlon, Multivac, Sensata and many others, which value the highest safety at an optimal price.

Because of the real huge diversity of the existing systems we offer our solutions after we become familiar with every single case. Wat we need is a roof plan in dwg or pdf.

For a fast overview of the standarts and the safety systems please look at the table underneat. For a detailed studying of all products please visit the site of our partners ABS safety GmbH . 

No Product Material Application Picture




 EN DIN 795 - А 



Hot dip galvanized or stainless steel


Up to 3 persons 





 EN DIN 795 - B



Hot dip galvanised or stainless steel 



Temporary line -"troley".Up to 3 persons 



 EN DIN 795 - C

Hot dip galvanized or stainless steel


Permanent line-"troley"


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