Direct installation


Direct installation is represented by two types of machines. They have different power and both are produced by company SPIT, part of ITW  holding. 

P370 - universal application for concrete and metal  

P560 - only for metal constructions with significant strength or/and  thickness 

There are system for direct installation working with propan -butane gase but their high price and lower nailing power makes them rarely used in Bulgaria. 

If your are interested in the gas technology-please contact our office.





P 370



Depending on the base material could be used red (strong) or yellow (weaker) consumables. Right in length nails should be choosen,too. Nails could be with washers or without as well as packed on tapes. 

Some applications are: fixing hydroinsulations in the building base or in tunnels, wooden supports for concrete cast work, metal sheets to metal or concrete base.



P 560

Nails should be choosed depending on the base.

For installations of metal cassettes to metal subconstruction.



To choose the right prodct please contact our office. We will be glad to help you!.